Portable Lightning Node – Actinium

£ 130.00

ACM Lightning Node with 400GB & fully synchronized blockchain


Portable Lightning Node – Actinium



CPU: 1GHz single-core
RAM: 512MB
OS: Linux Raspbian
SD Card: 400GB microSDXC Class 10
Network: WiFi (dual band 2.GHz & 5GHz), Mini-HDMI Port
Power: Rechargeable Power Bank included
Extras: 1x Heat Sink applied on CPU, Power Supply (UK, EU, US), Mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable (3m), Case Bundle
Preinstalled Actinium & Lightning Network daemons (with autostart scripts)
Fully synchronized blockchain 
VNC Server for remote desktop access (the node boots into console by default)
SSH for remote shell access.
Integrated, web-based Wallet for Lightning Payments. Use our demo-shop for testing: https://ln-shop.actinium.org
Visit Actinium's Lightning Network explorer to check your node's status: https://ln-explorer.actinium.org
At the initial start Actinium daemon will create a new wallet.dat.
Users can reuse their own wallet.dat by copying it via scp console command or VNC menu option.
To access your Node via remote shell or VNC a working network connection is needed.
The node boots automatically into the shell but can be reconfigured to boot into desktop by invoking the "raspi-config" utility.


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